05 Apr 2023

2023 CIAM Plenary Meeting

The CIAM Plenary took place once again via Zoom, on 1 April 2023. Although efforts were made to try to hold the meeting in Lausanne, the cost of hosting the Plenary in the Olympic capital is much higher than pre-covid and it was decided therefore that an online meeting represented the best use of CIAM budget.

The core of the CIAM system is the dedicated mini site which was established in order to provide all the necessary information to the delegates and the experts who wish to follow the various meetings (Technical or Plenary sessions).

Within this mini site visitors are able to view not only the Sporting Code proposals as presented on the agenda, but also how they were discussed and finalised during the Technical Meetings as well as how the delegates finally voted.

The Sporting Code proposals are a very important element of the Plenary but other topics on the agenda were also debated: CIAM Awards, the CIAM Scholarship, and decisions on future World or Continental Championships are also part of the CIAM Plenary activity.

During the Plenary the delegates were informed about the CIAM Legends Medal and the new IT project which will present the history of CIAM Events.

CIAM Bureau would like to thank all the participants for their contribution and also to congratulate the winners and all those NACs offering bids for future events.