15 Feb 2024

2024 ISC Bureau


Congratulations to the new ISC Bureau, newly elected during the 2024 ISC Plenary in Orlando, Florida.  The Bureau consists of a well-rounded group of individuals who bring with them many years of experience in all aspects of the sport, as competitors, judges, officials, and Committee members.  They also represent all skydiving disciplines, as each Bureau Member has been involved in one way or another in each of ISC’s events.

ISC President – Alberto Martin Paracuellos

Photo Alberto Martin ParacuellosAlberto Martin Paracuellos, from Mallorca Spain, has many years of experience with the ISC, first as a Delegate for Spain, and Spanish Commission president since 1997, was a member of the Indoor, T&S and CP Committees, and was the CP Committee Chair for many years.  He has also performed ISC Official duties such as Jury member, FAI Controller and Meet Director for the World Games.   Alberto did his first jump in 1988, has 7288 jumps, was an AFF I/E as well as a 4-way FS Competitor.


ISC 1st Vice President - Rina Gallo

Rina Gallo - ISC BureauRina Gallo, of Vancouver BC, Canada did her first jump in 1987, and soon after, took a keen interest in Judging, and judged her first International FS competition in 1999. She has since received FAI ratings in Acc, CF, CP, SP, WS.  In 2014, she became the Alt. Delegate for Canada, and two years later became the ISC Delegate.  Rina was Chair of the CF Committee for 8 years, a member of the Judges Committee since 2014, Elected to the Bureau as VP in 2020 and again in 2022.  Rina has the distinction of being the recipient of the Leonard DaVinci Diploma which she was awarded in 2021.



Vice-President – Jim Rees

Jim Rees - ISC BureauJim Rees, from New Hampshire USA, has been a part of the skydiving community for 38 years and is a Former 4-way Competitor on USA’s Mass Defiance team.   He’s been part of the judging community since 2001 and frequently judges FS & CP.  Jim is the USA Delegate who chairs the USPA Competition Committee and represents New England on the USPA Board of Directors.  At the ISC Plenary in 2023, Jim was first elected to the Bureau as ISC Vice President.



Vice-President – Omar Alhegelan

Omar AlheleganOmar Alhegelan, from Buraydah Saudi Arabia, started skydiving in October 3 1993. By 1997, he became the 1st FAI Freestyle World Cup, World Champion, World Air Games & World Games Gold medalist. Along with the Freefly Clowns in the mid 90’s, he helped pioneer a new skydiving discipline now commonly referred to as “Freeflying”. Omar is a Multiple times Freestyle & Freefly US Nationals champion who has jumped over all 7 Continents including Geographic North Pole. He holds 3 Guiness World records & was part of multiple Vertical Formation Skydiving Records. In 2020 he was appointed as President of the Saudi Arabian Extreme Sports Federation and has been the Saudi delegate to the ISC for the past three years. In 2021 Omar was inducted into the International Skydiving Hall of Fame and in the ISC Plenary meeting of 2024, was voted in as a VP.


Finance Secretary – Natasha (Tash) Higman

Tash Higman - ISC BureauTash Higman, originally from the UK and now a resident of Germany, started skydiving in 1997 and has competed in Formation Skydiving and Canopy Formation.  She qualified as an FAI Judge in Canopy Formation in 2014 and has since then gained further international ratings in Formation Skydiving and Speed Skydiving. She joined the Board and Competitions Committee of British Skydiving in 2016 and is now their Treasurer.



Recording Secretary – Vera Asquith

 Vera Asquith - ISC BureauVera Asquith, living in Kelowna BC, Canada has had skydiving in her life since her teen years.   As a part of the judging community since 1990, first in Canada and ISC shortly thereafter, she judged her first FS World Championship in 1993, in Eloy.   Since then, she has achieved FAI Judge ratings in FS, S&A, CF, CP and WS (most actively now in FS and WS).  Vera has been on the ISC Bureau as the Recording Secretary since 2021, is on the ISC Media Working Group and has been a member of the ISC Wingsuit Flying Committee since 2019.