02 Feb 2022

2024 PG XC Europeans to be held in Spain

Pegalajar will host the 17th FAI European Paragliding Championships. The CIVL Plenary awarded this event to Spain. The event is planned to take place on 16-24 June 2024. The event is organised by the Royal Spanish Aeronautical Federation, the Club Centro de Vuelo Pegalajar together with the Pegalajar City Council and the Provincial Council of Jaén. Since 2003 Pegalajar welcome the Spanish paragliding league as well as the Spanish Nationals. The venue itself enjoys very predictable and reliable weather, free flight friendly and easily understandable meteorology and topology, being added to its mix of folklore, tradition, and gastronomy, provides a unique experience worth trying in life.

The flight zone is located in the southern part of Spain, in Andalusia, surrounded by protected natural areas. As previously mentioned, near the flying area is the largest Natural Park in Spain and the second largest in Europe, Parque Natural de las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas, where flights are made throughout the year, and sometimes have flown over the entire Park with flights from Pegalajar. Our flying area, Pegalajar, is located in another Natural Park, Sierra Mágina, very close to the city of Jaén. There are large mountainous reliefs very well oriented to the prevailing winds, and we can also find a large number of alternative take-offs as Almaden, at 2000 m a.s.l. or the Pandera at 1800 m a.s.l.  160-200 km flights have been made in this area.

Take off 7-Pillilas covers SW, W, NW, N and NE wind directions. The take-off elevation is 930 m a.s.l. It is accessed by a fully paved road linking two villages. The distance from the town of Pegalajar is 2 km. In the take-off area there is a large parking area. In addition, the take-off is of green grass, very clean as it is cared for and maintained by the local Club. The briefings are held in the Club's headquarters located at the take-off (Photo), with TVs, WIFI, meeting room, and everything necessary for great logistics. The flight area is characterized by very well-defined thermals of service, with two slopes, one on each side of the take-off that allows a quiet wait until the start time of the race. 

Congratulations to the municipality of Pegalajar and the organizing team consisting of  Antonio Lope Morales González  Antonio Romero Herrera  and
 Juan Carlos Muriana Hidalgo.


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