15 Aug 2022

Practice Days under way at the 25th FAI World Precision Flying Championships

Fifty Precision Pilots representing 12 nations have gathered at Albi Le Séquestre aerodrome to begin landing and navigation practice before the 25th FAI World Precision Flying Championships commence on 22 August. Competition days run until 25th August (with 26th as reserve day), and anticipation is high for this contest, with the previous (24th) edition taking place back in 2019, when Poland took top spot on the Teams podium. Will they be knocked off their top spot in 2022?  

With their eight pilots registered, including 2019's champions, Team Poland has a strong hope to cling to their premier position, although the six Czech pilots, five Norwegians and eight French will be battling alongside the Slovakians, Austrians, Germans, British, Swedish, Swiss teams and the pilot from Spain to gain a gold. 

WPFC 2022

This year’s championships is being hosted by the Fédération Française d'Aéronautique, and hopes are high for a great event, especially after Albi aerodrome hosted the successful French Precision Piloting Championships. Organisers have put together a program to highlight the excitement of the event, with an opening ceremony taking place in the town, and children in particular are being encouraged to attend to see the display planes and simulators as well as watching the main competition. Fly ins are happening daily through the event.

What is involved in the competition?

The objective of precision piloting is to assess the pilot's ability to follow a given path in a set time whilst being able to observe elements on the ground and also to land their aircraft safely at a specific location, both in normal configuration and in simulated engine failure.

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Header image: Mairie d'Albi