06 Feb 2019

3rd FAI World Paragliding Aerobatic Championships 2020 will take place in Trasaghis, Italy

CIVL Annual Plenary 2019 unanimously supported FAI World Paragliding Aerobatic Championships to be held in Trasaghis, Italy.

This marvellous lake resort has already been the place of many Aerobatic competitions including prestigious AcroMAX held there last year. The bid was presented by Barbara Sonzogni the president of Aero Club Lega Piloti and one of the Event Organizers. The following local officials came to the Plenary meeting to ensure that the event will be run on the high level:

Roberto Revenant  - The major of Gemona

Roger Stefanutti - Responsible for Sports sector of Comune di Trasaghis)

Matias Barazzutti - Advisor of Comune di Bordano

Luigi Seravalli  - President of Volo Libero Friuli

Ruggero Fabretto - representative of Volo Libero Friuli