30 Nov 2018

The 4th FAI Asian PG Accuracy Championships 2020 in Kazakhstan

The 4th FAI Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championships will be hosted Kazakhstan from May 27th to June 4th 2020. The CIVL Bureau has accepted the bid from the Sport Club Alga and the Kazakhstan NAC. There were no bids at the Plenary 2018 and this is the reason for a late acceptance of a bid. The pre-event will be held 22nd-25th of June 2019.

The location is Taldykorgan in the Eastern part of the country. The grassy hills and open landscape of Tekeli/Taldykorgan were the site of the Asian Championship also in 2016 and the location of numerous successful Category 2 PGA  events.

The organization will be ledby Igor Virshki with Kamil Konečný from the Czech Republic as assistant competition director.  Riikka Vilkuna from Sweden will act as the CIVL steward.  The team size will be 7 (5+2) pilots. The maximum allowed number of participants is 120.