03 Sep 2022

7th European PGA championships have launched in Romania

The 7th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championships have successfully launched in the town of  Sibiu in Romania. The event is organised by the Paragliding club “Air Adrenaline Sibiu” and Romanian Aeronautical Federation in cooperation with FAI - International Airsports Federation. 97 pilots from 20 nations (18 European and 2 guest nations) came to take part in the championships. FAI Jury members working at the event are Zeljko Ovuka (Serbia) and Alexandru Scurtu (Romania) headed by president Andrew Cowley (Great Britain). FAI Steward is Riikka Vilkuna (Finland)

The judging team is headed by Maja Karas (Croatia) working as the Chief judge and Grosu Gheorghe (Romania) working as the Event Judge.

At the opening ceremony that took place in the center of town, the participants were greeted by local authorities, organisers, and FAI officials. 

In the photos below the meet director, Valentine Popa from Romania, and the FAI Jury president, Andrew Cowley from UK are greeting the participants and declaring the event to be officially open.


FAI Steward Riikka Vilkuna greets the participants.


Photos of the national teams taking part in the Championships: