17 Jul 2018

Acro World Tour 2018: Stage 2 King of Brenta

Against the backdrop of the dramatic Dolomite mountains and the crystal-clear waters of Lake Molveno, aerobatic paragliders from all over the world will battle in the skies to be crowned ‘King of Brenta’ at the Acro World Tour’s 2nd stage, being held from 18-22 July 2018.

At this stage of the Acro World Tour 2018 competition, around 30 riders from 10 nations will perform aerobatic manoeuvres then attempt to make the most spectacular landing they can onto a floating platform in the lake.

The top 5 pilots of the event as well as the top 16 after the 3 Qualification stages will be put forward to the final Acro World Tour (AWT) event as part of the Sonchaux Acroshow in Switzerland from 24-26 August 2018.

The first stage of the AWT – held in Voss, Norway from 25-27 June – saw Horacio Llorens (ESP) beat rivals Francois Ragolski (FRA), Theo de Blic (FRA), Cesar Arevalo (COL) and Andres Villamizar (COL) into first place.

The AWT is a FAI category 2 competition, organised by the Acro Paragliding World Tour.

Photo credit: Filippo Frizzera | King of Brenta