18 Dec 2012

Anti-Doping: Agreement with SportAccord signed

In the frame of the FAI anti-doping plan and following the information given at the FAI General Conference in Turkey, the agreement with SportAccord for providing services and support the FAI in its Anti-Doping Plan has been signed by Jean-Marc Badan, FAI Secretary General and Vincent Gaillard, SportAccord Director General on Friday, December 7th, 2013.

The contract runs for 1 year and stipulates that SportAccord will provide technical help in contacting, educating and supporting pilots included in the FAI RTP and conduct testing, in the name of the FAI and under the responsibility of the FAI. The knowledge and experience of their dedicated team, called Doping-Free Sport Unit, made it the perfect service provider to allow the FAI to conduct its Anti-Doping Plan with the lowest cost and amount of time involved.

FAI Anti-Doping Newsletter

The December 2012 newsletter, which deals with the signature of the agreement with SportAccord, the FAI Registered Testing Pool and the next steps, is available below:


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