12 Mar 2019

Antoine Girard claims 5700 m gain of height record while climbing the top of the Andes

FAI has received the following Paragliding World record claim: 5 700 m "Gain of height" made by Antoine Girard (France) on LM6 / Ozone in Aconcagua (Argentina) on 15th of February 2019. He started very low on the plane and climbed up the top of Andes.

For a long time, we have not received such record claims. The previous record was made on 06.01.1993 by Robbie Whittall (GBR) with 4 526 m.

You can replay the flight by clicking on the link:

We have asked Antoine to tell the community about himself and his flight experience.

How long have you been doing free flight sport?

I started flying in 2007

What made you begin?

Only the desire to fly!

Who were the people that inspired you in your life and sport?

These are all forms of adventure that inspires me! So both the flying adventurer and the adventurers of the mountains

What are your achievements before breaking a record?

Climb to 8157m in paragliding above Broad Peak with a take off at 4700m in 2016.

3rd at X-Alps 2013 and 4th in 2015.

Won 2 times the Airtour in France.

Why did you decide to break that very record in that very place?

I didn’t choose to break the record at this place, there was just the opportunity to do it so I did it! It is one of the few places in the world where you can fly quite low (1000m) and have mountains more than 6000m next! By cons flights are very committed!

What flying conditions make your record different from the previous one?

There was that day a weak wind at all altitudes!

How long did preparation take?

The preparation lasted 10 days, time to acclimatize and find the right flight window.

Who helped you most to get prepared?

Only my mind

Who worked with you during preparation (any team)?

I work alone.

What was the most tricky thing in breaking this record?

The tricky thing is to find the road to get out of the mountains! In total it took me 2 days but I had planned 6

Tell us about those who supported you on the way (friends, NAC, trainer, local pilots etc)

I work alone! But I could rely on local drivers to give me advice and especially help me to return to Chile.

Tell us how it was to break the record. What was the most difficult? Decisive? Unexpected?

The most difficult is certainly having to support the clothes on takeoff and fly hours in stability! There is over 40 ° C temperature difference between 1000m and 7000m! For the rest you just have to know when to go to the mountains or give up.

Any advice to pilots, interesting notice, some share of experience that you gained while breaking this record?

You must not force things. Just wait for the right moment.

Link to visualize the flight: https://ayvri.com/scene/mxkoey1n54/cjswaamvh00013a65sn6q8ev7