09 Mar 2018

Bulletin 2 - detailed

9th March 2018

Last time I only publised the changes between Bulletin 1 and 2 - now we have published the full Bulletin 2 : https://www.fai.org/sites/default/files/event/importer/11995-b2.pdf

Here you will find the breakdown of Nations and Teams - in all 17 Nations have entered this event with a total take up in Solo Freestyle and Dynamic 2-Way of 14 teams; Formation Skydiving 4-Way Open 11, with 6 in 4-Way Female, 5 in VFS and 4 in 4-Way Junior.  We have 6 Junior Solo Freestyle entrants and at the moment only 3 teams for Dynamic 4 way.

The addition to Bulletin 1 is the inclusion of a Judges Training Course, full details have already been published.

They have also published the finalised Flying Schedule for the 3 days of competition.

Really not long to go now before we start the competitive season for 2018 in Voss, Norway.