01 Apr 2020

CIAM Bureau announcement relating to the COVID-19 outbreak

Dear friends,

Members of the CIAM (FAI Aeromodelling Commission) Bureau met via teleconference and discussed the current situation with COVID-19 outbreak and the various options or alternatives.

First of all we would like to thank all the delegates and all the organisers who provided their feedback. The information provided was very helpful.

What we have done so far:

  • We have decided to suspend all Second Category events (World Cup and Non World Cup Open International) until April 20, 2020.
  • We contacted all First Category event organizers twice and we exchange ideas about the future of each event.
  • S/C Chairmen and World Cup Coordinators contacted the Second Category event organizers to communicate the CIAM Bureau decision.
  • CIAM Bureau and CIAM Plenary Meetings were postponed.

What was decided:

For Second Category events

  • Due to local legal restrictions in place in almost all countries where CIAM events are planned, CIAM Bureau unanimously agrees to extend the suspension until May 31, 2020.
  • World Cup rankings and awards will not be applied for 2020. The results from all World Cup events already organized this year will be considered as Non World Cup event results. 
  • As long as this will be feasible there might be Open International events later on this year.
  • Until May 31, 2020 the World Cup Coordinators will communicate with the organizers to find out whether the scheduled events will be cancelled for this year and rescheduled for next year or moved to a later date this year as an Open International.
  • The calendar published on the web site will be updated after the end of May, depending of course on the circumstances. 

For First Category events

The situation is different from Second Category events because we have in place signed Organizer Agreements (OA), contracts with sponsors, expenses realized, paid sanction fees, medals etc. However still Public Health and Safety are our top priority.

  • CIAM Bureau members confirm that at least one of the reasons as listed in the Organizer Agreement signed between FAI and the organizer are fulfilled. Due to COVID-19, the situation can not be remedied. The ASC will follow the process as outlined in the OA and inform the FAI Secretary General with the suggestion to formally cancel the OA.
  • Each S/C Chairman will be in contact with the organizers related to the specific disciplines and will discuss the alternatives which CIAM Bureau members discussed yesterday. The outcome of the discussions will be announced shortly.
  • CIAM President will be in touch with the FAI Secretary General in order to define the best way to implement the decisions.
  • CIAM Bureau propose that for 2021 only the maximum age for juniors be increased by one year to accommodate all the Junior competitors who were in this age classification this year but next year they will not.

For CIAM Meetings

For the moment it is not possible to reschedule the postponed meetings.

  • Depending on the circumstances, CIAM Bureau will decide later this year when the postponed Plenary Meeting will take place. We are considering the option to organize the Plenary early next year so not to add another burden to the delegates having to attend two similar meetings in a so short period of time. 
  • CIAM President will be in touch with FAI President, FAI Executive Board, FAI Secretary General and the Office to find solutions for CIAM activities.
  • CIAM Bureau will ask an extraordinary authorization from the delegates to handle all CIAM matters extending the term of CIAM Bureau until the next Plenary.

We would like to thank all the CIAM community for their understanding during this difficult period and of course their contribution and support to our efforts.

We stay as a Team while Staying Home.

Antonis Papadopoulos, CIAM President