29 Oct 2012

CIAM Flyer (05-2012) - Flying with Solar Power

When the days in the Northern hemisphere shorten and the sun becomes more elusive, we like to remember the wonderful light and warmth of the sun. Solar energy is one of the foundations of life and humankind's most important energy source - both in the past and in future.

Flying with solar power – it’s not new

Even the wind that makes leaves swirl through the air, lets birds circle above us and helps gliders achieve rapid climbs is produced through the sun's heat. When viewed this way, flying with solar power goes back to the beginnings of flying. First attempts to supply electrically powered aircraft using photovoltaics date back to the mid-1970s. Today, flight pioneer Bertrand Piccard is even planning a circumnavigation of the world with his manned aircraft "Solar IMPULSE".

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(photo: www.solarimpulse.com)