26 Dec 2014

CIAM Flyer (6-2014) - Creating Aeromodelling Exhibitions

Whenever aeromodellers appear in public, they encounter an appreciative audience. Air shows outdoors, in a stadium or an indoor arena, are among the most important communication instruments. While championships are more likely to be of interest to insiders, the variety presented at an air show can inspire a broader audience. During the colder seasons, during extended periods of strong winds, rain or snow, exhibitions of model aircraft in large indoor spaces will always draw crowds.

Let the public see your model aircraft

These days, model aircraft – be they self-builds or massproduced – are small engineering miracles. Exhibitions are more or less the only opportunity for a layperson to study such a miniature aircraft in detail from up close. Just seeing or hearing such a model aircraft in flight does not reveal the high level of perfection and detail involved in constructing such a machine. An exhibition gives everyone the chance to get up close and personal with the aircraft.

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