17 Mar 2020

COVID-19: updating of the FAI events calendar

The Coronavirus situation is causing widespread disruption in the organisation of air sports competitions.


The FAI events calendar represents planned events only. Many of these are now subject to adjustments in terms of dates and venues and even full cancellations by the organisers. Therefore, FAI is urging all participants and officials in Category 1 (World and Continental Championships, and special events) and Category 2 events (regional events) to cross-check with the Event Organisers the exact dates of the event in which they intend to compete.

Contact information can be found in the events calendar, under the “Event organiser” tab.

  1. Click on the competition line
  2. Click on the Event organiser tab


FAI is kindly asking all organisers to contact their relevant FAI Air Sport Commissions if the dates or status of their competitions have changed, or if they would like to update their contact details.

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Credit: Image by mattthewafflecat from Pixabay