17 Apr 2019

Day 0, Opening Ceremony - Wednesday, 17 Apr

The 3rd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship – which is taking place in Lille, France – started yesterday with the registration of the teams. More than 30 countries, more than 250 competitors – a very interesting prospect is waiting for us over the next few days.


The 17 of April was the training day of the World Indoor Skydiving Championship. All the competitors were trying the wind conditions in Weembi tunnel and flying the speed checks.



  • 17 April – training day and the Opening Ceremony in the evening
  • 18 – 20 April – competition days
  • 20 April (evening) – Closing Ceremony, Banquet, Awarding
  • 21 April – departure day


If you are a real fan of Indoor Skydiving you surely have to follow this great event! To help you here are few important links:


http://www.wisc2019.com– the World Championship web-site

http://www.wisc2019.com/livestream/- link for the livestream which will start in 19 hours

http://results.worldskydiving.org/FrontEnd/CompetitionCollection/1027– link for the results

https://www.fai.org/ipc-lille2019- IPC page of the event on FAI web-site

@FFParachutisme– FaceBook page of the Federation of parachute sport of France

@wisc2019– FaceBook page of WISC 2019


The Opening Ceremony of the 3rd World Indoor Skydiving Championship gave the official start for the competition!

Today indoor skydivers from all over the world were, at the same time, in the same place – Cultural Center of Lesquin (the small place near the city of  Lille, France) to mark the opening of the Championships.  Flag-colored t-shirts made everyone special but united at the same time. Especialy because we all are different and represent different countries, but united – because we all are doing the same thing, our "passion" makes us a unique society!


The speeches from the officials;  Meet Director of the Championship, Patrice Girardin;  FAI controller Elisabet Mikaelsson;  President of the IPC Gillian Rainer; Head of the Jury Sarka Blaskova;  David Roth, President of the Federation of Parachuting,  France. The youngest competitor represented all the sportsmen here at WISC 2019 and promised to fly safety, play fair and respect the rules and Judges. All the officials wished everyone 'good luck' and have a 'good competition'.


Then we saw the each country's delegations:



Then followed the Competitors meeting with the judges of the events and Draw which closed the Ceremony.  Officials and judges explained about the rules and answered participants questions.


Here is the link for the Jury notice №1 - 1st_ipc_jury_notice_-_wisc_2019_lille_france.pdf

Competition will start at 18 April and we wish good luck to all the competitors!