26 Feb 2019

Day 0 - Tuesday, 26 Feb

Wednesday, 26 February 2019

Yesterday was the Official start of the Championships.


On the official arrival day there were also training jumps at the main target area in Bubakov. Franz Singraber and Petra Huber built up and tested the scoring equipment, final adjustments around the target were made and CJ Dare Svetina could inspect the target readiness.

In the evening after all the judges had arrived, Dare held his official judges conference and then at 8pm the 1st official teamleader meeting was carried out at the Hotel Gendorf. 


Teamleader meeting.

The final registration list and team composition is at the table below.




The 6 classifications are all valid with more than the 4 NAC minimum participation requirements. We will have medals in individual female, male, junior and master and there will be team medals for female and male/mixed teams.

For results click above http://results.worldskydiving.org/FrontEnd/CompetitionCollection/1022

The first Jury report is here jury_1.pdf 

During the meeting the plan for the first competition day was presented by Meet Director Martin Gabla. Today will be dedicated to the accuracy competition with the start of the first team at 0900. According to the weather forecast this will be the best day of the week and so the skiing qualification run was therefore postponed to Thursday 28 Feb:

Tonight the Opening Ceremony will take place in Vrchlabi town square.

Good luck to all participants!


Some details about Para-Ski scoring:

  • A full FAI World Championship consists of 1 giant slalom qualification run and 2 competition runs scored together with 6 accuracy landing jumps for the team plus one individual final round. There are only the combined individual and team scores for medals.
  • The skiing qualification run is only used to determine the starting order for the first competition run and if Accuracy Landing starts before the skiing, also for the first team jump order.
  • The giant slalom with two runs of  appr. 1 minute length each and will be held according to FIS rules and scored by time. The fastest skier in each run will get zero points and every second behind gives 3 points (time /0,32). The maximum score for one run (for disqualification or 50 seconds behind) is 150 points.
  • In accuracy landing the distance from the standard 2cm dead centre to the first point of landing for each jump is measured in centimeter (=points) up to a 50 cm maximum. Due to the history of Para-Ski from mountain evolving rescue operations in early 1950's (when no helicopters were available), the target is placed on a 30° slope simulating the mountain.
  • All six team jump results with a maximum of 300 for each competitor are then added to the skiing points and the lowest number of points determines the winners.
  • Usually there are the following classifications at a WPC (depending on the 4 NAC minimum participation):
  • Individual female, male, junior (<25) and master (>50). The team classification is a mixed team of 4 and is a test event in order to increase female participation. In recent years female teams of 2 were ranked separately.