12 Apr 2018

Day 1 - 1st EISC, Voss

Thursday, 12th April 2018

At the start to the Opening Ceremony yesterday evening, the two announcers who acted as Masters of Ceremonies throughout, led the parade to the 'stage' in front of Voss Vind windtunnel.  Each delegation was introduced by Kari Traa and Jan Fredrik Karlsen, Kari is a very famous Norweigan Olympic medalist in Mogul Skiing and now a TV personality - she also comes from Voss and is a flier.  Alongside her, Jan Fredrik is in the Norweigan 4-Way FS team as well as being a TV personality.  They were followed by a 'show' which included various Norweigan folk acts, music and dancing, and an abseiling display down the front of the tunnel tower, with humour.  Then Gillian Rayner, President of IPC welcomed everyone to the 1st European Indoor Skydiving Championships and spoke briefly about the history of Indoor Skydiving wihin IPC and also the future, particularly with mention of the French and their Olympic Project to have Indoor Skydiving included in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.  She was followed by John Eirik Laupsa, General Secretary of the Norwegian Air Sport Federation, who wished all the competitors a good competion and declared the 1st European Indoor Skydiving Championships open.

The FAI flag was raised in a unique fashion, on the front bucket of a 'sky lift' (aerial work platform)!  Once the flag was up and the anthem played, gifts were thrown from the bucket to the crowd below whilst a guitarist played un-folk music - this was followed by balloons distributed, again, in a unique fashion, being blown into the crowd by a paramotor fan carried by a cyclist!  We then had fireworks to close the ceremony. 

The competitors then split between the two disciplines:  Formation Skydiving met in the Competitors Tent for the briefing and Draw and Artistic Events met in the Tunnel for their Competitors Briefing.

Formation Skydiving Draws:

4-Way Junior

Round 1HBF18
Round 2N6D 
Round 319MC 
Round 487  
Round 5Q15K 
Round 6PJ2 
Round 7E94 
Round 814OL 

  4-Way Open and Female

Round 1G1220 
Round 2F1622 
Round 3NED21
Round 417L4 
Round 51814O 
Round 61925 
Round 7715Q 
Round 86BMP
Round 9K119 
Round 108HJC

Vertical Formation Skydiving

Round 1201615 
Round 21817C 
Round 36MBL
Round 45213 
Round 51JPK
Round 6F197 
Round 74HQA
Round 8101422 
Round 9EG11O
Round 102138 


Dynamic Draws







12.00 and the competition is well underway - we are now into the 4th Round of all the FS events. We have had several reflights due to technical problems, which appear to be sorted now.

Mid-afternoon and we have now moved to Artistic Events, and this will be the pattern for the competition - Formation Skydiving in the mornings and Artistic Events in the afternoons.  We have started with the amazing juniors doing Freestyle.  We are in for a good afternoon - to match this morning.

Visit our Facebook site for a taste of what we are being treated to here in Voss, and if you visit the Facebook page fror  1st fai european indoor skydiving championships, you can watch the livestream from the competition.