25 Nov 2017

Day 1 - The Marina DZ - the Palm Dubai

Saturday, 25th November and there were a lot of pilots at the Marina DZ this morning for their practice jumps and registration.  Some competitiors took the opportunity to continue jumping out at the Desert DZ , particularly as with so many wanting to jump they were worried about the winds - which did prove to be the case.

So tomorrow the plan is as follows:

Tentative Schedule Sunday 26th November 2017
Official Practice Period 2nd Day 9th FAI WC CP 2017 


1.  Departure Buses Hotels - to Competition Site: 

  •  1.1 From Hotel Ibis Style Dragon Mart:             Departure:                 06:45h
  • 1.2 From Hotel Grand Excelsior, Al Barsha:      Departure:                 08:00h

2. Official practice jump commence (no jumps on 25 Nov due to high winds) - 1 per competitor:

  • 09:30h - 11:00h Participants have to report to the Manifest of Skydive Dubai for registration early enough, right after arrival at the DZ.
  • Jump order first come, first served 
  • First take off 09:30h

It was requested to the General Manager of Skydive Dubai to allow further non-official practice jumps against payment (AED 65.00), after the official practice jumps are done. 

3. Registration:   

  • 09:00h - 11:00h Registration continues in the office at the rear entrance of the dining tent (near parking area, marked at the entrance door: "Registration").

Still missing the following countries: Austria, Brazil, China (arriving 26 Nov, 00:05h), Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands! Please report to the Registration office ASAP! 

4. Judges meeting:   

  • Starting at 10:00h at the DZ, meeting room big tent, after the meeting and rescue demonstration at the pond.  

5. Lunch:   

  • 12:00h - 14:00h at the DZ, dining tent.

6. Rehearsal Opening Ceremony: 

  • 15:00h - 15:15h

Each delegation is kindly requested to send 1 representative to the rehearsal.      

7. Departure Buses competition site - hotels:

  •     13:00h and 16:30h   Looking forward to better weather conditions tomorrow! 

It is really great to be back in Dubai and at the Marina DZ - so many happy memories of DIPCs, the Mondial and the WAG - it is almost home!