18 Apr 2019

Day 1 - Thursday, 18 April

The first competition day of the World Indoor Skydiving Championship in Lille is finished. Competitors flew a number of rounds, but we have two more days so we cannot determine the winners yet as many things can change.




Today one of the team managers said: “The first rule for a competitor is to not hurt himself, the second is to not hurt your teammates. Any other rules are optional”.

That’s perhaps the most important thing of the competition and here at WISC 2019 safety is most important.




The video by FAI about today’s part competition was published on our FaceBook page. You can also watch it by the link – https://www.facebook.com/airsports.fai/videos/376741222927900/ If you’ve lost the livestream, this clip will give you an insight into the Championship and will make you feel a part of it. The, stream will be available for the next two days as well. The link is – http://www.wisc2019.com/livestream/.Two more reasons for watching are the excellent commentators led by a strong and pretty woman Domitille Kiger - a previous Artistics World Champion, and our President Gillian Rayner.




The schedule for tomorrow has changed, you can find it here – http://www.wisc2019.com/infos/flights-schedule/

Competitors, please pay attention, change is possible to and check it regularly!




While competitors do their work, the judges do theirs. In spite of watching hours of videos, hundreds of teams and solo sportsmen, our judges take a few minutes to have fun while making a group picture. 




The Jury 2ndnotice - https://www.fai.org/sites/default/files/ipc/2019/2nd_ipc_jury_notice_-_wisc_2019_lille_france_1.pdf


And so the show goes on…..