26 Aug 2018

Day 2 of the Championships in Erden, Bulgaria

Sunday 26 August 2018:   Once again the siki load was in the air before 07.00hrs with Day 2 of the Championships scheduled to be a reverse of yesterday's jumping, namely Male Accuracy and Female Style.

Another cloudless day for the competitors !


With such fine weather we hope to make real impact today, although the forecast for this afternoon suggests we’re likely to encounter rain, even storms.

As to be expected the numbers of entrants in Male Accuracy far exceeds their Female counterparts – by almost 3 times – which means the time to complete a round for men is around 3 hours. On completion of Round 1, collectively they had amassed 22 DCs, to include 2 Juniors.

In the meantime the Female Style jumpers from China are beginning to show their expertise, for as Round 3 comes to an end only one member of their team has succumbed to the cut, a first time junior competitor in a World Meet. Fellow team member 21 yr old Xing Yaping, also a first time junior competitior at world level, turned a blisteringly fast 6.66!

 Xing Yaping fastest style jump at 6.66
Xing Yaping CHN looking very pleased with herself - 1st World Championships and a new World Record!

On checking the Records it has been established that she has broken the current Performance World Record of the Lowest Single Round Score (Junior) of 7.24 secs and has established a new Asiania Record of 6.66 secs. These G2 records can go ahead to be ratified as it was achieved during a Championship with FAi Judges in attendance. Jury President, Bernard Nicholas, offered guidance to the China Coach/Translator in order to start the process of ratification.

The temperature soon builds and thermals make their unwelcome appearance. Indeed, the anticipated storm cloud formation could be seen approaching the dropzone, so a decision was made to stand down. Sadly this lasted all day and finally at 17.00hrs everyone was released. The plan is to continue with Male Accuracy and Female Style first thing in the morning, although we have been warned that the stom/rain forecast remains.