23 Jan 2018

Day 2: Chief of Judge Training Workshop

The smiling faces reflect the success of the first day of the Workshop - those smiles belong to:

Front Row: R to LDr Rainer 'Exi' Hoenle GER
 Susan DixonFRA
 Domitille KigerFRA
 Karla ColeGER
 Marylou LaughlinUSA
 Gillian RaynerFRA
Middle Row: R to LRina GalloCAN
 Claire KingRSA
 Aliya AnaninaRUS
 Zeljko TanaskovicSWE
 Gail BradleyAUS
 Faye Cox (Observer)AUS
Back Row: R to LArnold HoheneggerAUT
 Bernard NicholasFRA
 Richard 'Buzz' BennettCAN
 Gernot RittenschoberAUT
 Steve Hubbard  (Observer)USA
Missing from PhotoGünter BerendtGER

The second and final day of the Workshop would address the topic of Valuation and Re-evaluation, with practical tasks centered around individual disciplines. Prior to the group breaking off into groups to tackle their tasks, Karla invited Randy Connell (IPC Records Officer) to address the Workshop and enlighten everyone about Records.

Randy was able to demonstrate with live internet access via the screen projector, not only where to locate the current FAI Sporting Licences & Competition Management Database but how to use its various search criteria in order to find information. It was evident that some refinements are still required in order to eradicate a few annomalies, but Randy has made great in-roads in getting modifications made to address some of these issues already. He also clarified the conditions and methods required for the submission of paperwork with a view to getting a record ratified. One vital condition about the ratification process was that, "If the athlete is not in the database, and they make the skydive, it is NOT a record".

Location of current database: www.sportinglicences2.fai.orgThis out-of-date database is still accessible but not updated
- ensure you delete any reference to it

Karla thanked Randy for his presentation then returned to the topic of Evaluation and Re-evaluation for a further hands-on task for the attendees, reiterating that the exam is designed to test the candidate's knowledge of the FAI Sporting Code GS, S5 and relevant CR and to prove their expertise in using the rules. The 2 hours open-book written test involves a series of questions and today's hands-on task was to look at the questions currently used and to determine their accuracy and/or relevance in the light of present documentation. The second part of the task was to formulate three new questions. The judge trainers broke into smaller discipline-orientated groups for yet another brainstorming session. Some of the questions drawn up in this task were :

Canopy Piloting:  Where do video cameras belong in Speed, Distance and Accuracy? Why?

Speed: Describe the jumping procedure and give a short explanation why the exit order on a jump run is important for safety?

Canopy Formation: What is the World Record in 2-Way & 4-Way Sequential and 4-Way Rotation? Who holds them? When were they achieved?

Dynamic: What are the judging criteria for the Free routine?

Formation Skydiving: What are the differences between Indoor and Outdoor rules?

Before bringing the Workshop to a close Karla invited each of the attendees to select 30 videos from previous FCEs, in FS, AE and CF, which would form the basis of a new practical evaluation exam.  Each individual's chosen video would be re-scrutinised according to the official score and further cross-checked by their fellow judges to ensure its value as a definitive examination video. Obviously this process will extend beyond the time frame of the Workshop, anything up to a week, but will be continued by each judge trainer in the comfort of their own homes.