19 Apr 2019

Day 2 - Friday, 19 April

The second day of the competition has finished. We want to start today by giving our thanks.  


To the organizing committee that prepared everything for this excellent competition; to all their staff and volunteers who remain almost invisible in the background but are doing all the important work.

To the judges for all their hard work, doing their job professionally and fast. 

To the officials for their vigilance and efficiency.

To team managers for supporting their teams and looking after them carefully. 

To spectators, friends and parents for supporting their favorite teams, husbands and children.

To operators, video makers, photographers and media for making everything more interesting and attractive.

And, of course, to the sportsmen and women for being here and giving their very best.




The most important part of any competition is the people who participate in one way or another. These pictures show you the children, men and women, mothers and fathers who have all come here together in Lille to make this competition.

The 2ndday of the World Indoor Skydiving Championship is over. Thanks to all of you, you’ve made this day!

And some useful things.

This is the link for pictures of FAI photographer who is in here and capture every nice moment to his camera – https://www.flickr.com/photos/airsports_fai/albums/with/72157706596284431

3rdJury notice – https://www.fai.org/sites/default/files/ipc/2019/lille2019/3rd_ipc_jury_notice_-_wisc_2019_lille_france.pdf