28 Aug 2018

Day 2 - Start of the Acrobatic Flying event

28 August 2018, Tuesday

All the results will be published immediately approved by the Chief Judge - follow this link :  WWFC 2018

Wheels off at 8.00 am with a busy day ahead.  The first load of the day is the first round of the Acrobatic Flying event and we then continue with the first round of Performance flying Time task.  At the briefing the draw was made and the sequence will be Speed - Time - Distance.

At 12.15 the clouds moved in and a standby was called, with all competitors told to stay on the airfield.  We have completed two rounds of Acrbatic Flying and one round of the Performance Flying Time task. 

14.50 and we have a 15 minute call for the next Acrobatic Flying round.

15.43 NEW WORLD RECORD :        Chris Geiler, USA      World Time Record      -      100.2 seconds

Chris Geiler USA

Congratulations Chris Geiler

Chris's Track

The Jury have been busy this competiton and were presented first thing this morning with a second protest by 4 Performance Flyers.  They protested the Exit Speed as given in the Bulletin was exceeded on their jump runs.  After several interviews and discussion the Jury concluded that their Protest was invalid as there was no evidence to support it.  Jury Notice 3.

16.20 - Announcement - Everyone on Load No. 8 Performance Flying is entitled to a rejump - due to an error the Pilot flew the revised flight direction intended for use on load 9.  The Judges will score all of Load 8 and competitors can accept their score or have the option to rejump.   Due to this the Acrobatic Flying competition will not continue today.  

16.34  Well you can forget all that - it has just been announced that everyone must rejump load no 8.  This change of decision was made so that all competitors were jumping under the same conditions i.e. the previous 4 loads of that round.