27 Aug 2018

Day 3: The Forecast was Right!

Monday 27 August 2018:  Despite the gloomy cloud cover we were able to start the day's jumping with Male Accuracy, whilst Female Style was curtailed almost before it began. By late morning everyone had been relegated to standby, as the cloud base had brought proceedings to a grinding halt, but the men had made in-roads ito Round 4.

The usual activities ensued with Frisby competitions - in various guises - appearing to be the most popular. The competitors from Austria were inventive enough to play the Danish popular skittles game, Kubb, substituting the wooden skittles for bottles of water! The less energetic played cards, slept, performed yoga and for one Russian competitor, cross-stitch.

Frisby Golf Demonstrating the art of Frisby Golf
Kubb (Kigpin) The Viking skittles game Kubb being played by the Austrian team, imaginatively using bottles of water.
Relaxing in the Pool What a better way to unwind and relax than in the pool.
China Fast Asleep A collective sleep-in Chinese style.
Relaxing Yoga A wholesome way to relax with Yoga.
Passing the time with Cross-Stitch A Russian competitor chooses to do her cross-stitch 
Story swapping and socialising Then again, socialising is always an acceptable pastime.

Patience paid off for the Male Accuracy jumpers who were able to resume their fourth round which they managed to complete just before 20.00hrs this evening. The current leaders, with a score of 1cm each are Russia's Dmitrii Maksimov, alongside France's Thomas Jeannerot. There are 4 females sharing 1st place in Accuracy, namely two team members from China, Belaruse and France with 3cms each.