28 Aug 2018

Day 4: A Damp Dropzone

Tuesday 28 August 2018:  As the day's jumping drew to a close last night, the organisers announced that one of their sponsors had offered a prize to that day's best performers, which went to China's Male Accuracy Team. Hopefully not too many sore heads this morning!

A pretty heavy downpour hit the dz during the night, so whilst once again the style rounds are on standby, the 5th round of Male Accuracy is underway. Without warning a sudden downpour occurred at around 11.00hrs whilst the last lift were under canopy!  The affected jumpers - the Serbian Male Accuracy team - were naturally awarded a re-jump. In the meantime they are busy trying to dry their canopies, whilst maintenance staff dry out the tuffet.

'Superman' Drying the Tuffet! Serbian Team Trying to Dry Canopy !

Jumping recommenced a little after 12.30pm with the intention of completing Round 5 of Male Accuracy - which would be sufficient to determine the Champion - and to then continue with Round 5 for the ladies. Five more loads will complete Round 5.  Cloud base is still preventing getting the style jumpers back in the air. In a blink of an eye that's changed!  The low clouds have given way to fluffy white ones and big blue holes meaning the competition will continue with Round 3 of Male Style! The best laid plans were soon abandoned . . . . .

In view of there only being 3 NACs represented in the Junior Female Style event, which has a bearing on the use of the term World Champion, the Jury met this afternoon to determine how this may affect the 9th FAI World Junior Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships. Their decision can be seen in Jury Notice No. 2

The competition continued with Accuracy for the remainder of the day, concluding at Round 6 where we have 4 competitors tying for first place with 5cms - ZhaoTiantian and her fellow compatriot from China, Xiao Yao, Elena Laktionova from Russia and France's Déborah Ferrand. The next 5 competitors are all equal on 7cms. This has the makings of a nail biting next few rounds.

In the meantime, the men too got Round 6 under their belt although there are 3 re-jumps to make, hopefully they'll do those first thing in the morning. The one great surprise is the performance of the French team - at the end of Round 5 they were lanquishing in 5th place tied with Slovakia on 32, whereas Italy were placed 1st on 18, followed by China and Czec Republic on 23. There are still 5 rounds to go, so it's anyone's guess where things will end up.