29 Nov 2017

Day 5 - day 2 of Competition in Dubai

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Wednesday, 29th November 2017

The birds may be the only ones flying the course today, as the winds are marginal - the aircraft arrived a little later this morning 7.40 and all is ready to go.

Today we will do two rounds of Drag Distance 50m and then a final round of Max Distance.  Our current World Champions for Drag Distance are:  Nicholas Batsch (USA) General with 169.19m and Cornelia Mihai (UAE) Female with 164.00m.   For the Max Distance the current World Records are:  Cédric Veiga Rios (FRA) General with 196.52m  and Cornelia Mihai (UAE) 175.77 m.

Yesterday with the Carved Speed 70m we did not see any new World Records, but two Continental records were broken:  Cédric Veiga Rios broke his own European record of 2.197 sec with his second run  of 2,054 sec. and the South American General record of Paulo Marques of 2,536 sec was broken by Arthur Cameiro Lima (BRA) with 2,363 sec on his third run.

Cornelia MihaiWindso0ck -Thursday 29.11.17 Dubai
Cornelia Mihai (UAE) Female World Record Holder29.11.17 - Windsock 7.30 am

9.00 and we are getting to the end of round one with some spectacular flights including Cédric Veiga Rios's flight, breaking the existing World Record by quite a margin.  He flew a total of 175.99 m.  CONGRATULATIONS.

World Reord - Cédric Veiga Rios (FRA) 175.99 m

In the next round (second) Cornelia Mihai broke her own World Record of 164.00 m with a flight of 165.1 m - CONGRATULATIONS to Cornelia also.  With the deadline of 11.00 fast approaching I am not sure they will start the 3rd round today..  We did have interruptions when the course was closed a couple of times due to competitors landing in the pond, and the course closed whilst they were helped out by the rescue team and cared for by the excellentt medical facilites here on the Drop Zone.  Both are OK.  We also had a couple of cut-aways which meant rejumps, not to forget the guys who got waved off.  So by 13.00 hrs all rejumps were finished and the round was over. Back early in the morning for  Accuracy.

Along with our two new World Records we also had Continental Records made and broken - Cédric (FRA) and Cornelia (UAE) broke their respective Continental Regional records European and Asian.  New records were set for Oceania by Chris Steward (NZL) with 146.81 and South America by Arthur Corneiro Lima (BRA) with 136.38.  All the records stated are subject to final ratification.  CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN.


Hard and fast landings in Distance!!


Tentative Schedule Thursday 30th November 2017

Competition 3rd day 9th FAI WC CP 2017


 1. Departure buses/cars hotels - competition site:   

1.1 From Hotel Ibis Style Dragon Mart:                         Departure:                 05:45h 

1.2 From Hotel Grand Excelsior, Al Barsha:                  Departure                 06:30h2.

Competition continues:                                                   07:30h - 11:00h; planned event: "Accuracy"   3 jumps                                                 

                                                                                        15 minutes call:07:05h                                                  First take off   07:30h 

                                                                                         Drop altitude: 5,500 feet AGL  

3.Lunch:                                                                           12:00h - 14:00h at the DZ, dining tent. 

4.Departure                                                                      buses/cars competition site - hotels:13:00h and 15:00h

5.Remark:     After we finished the competition jumps, most probably on 1st December 2017 around 08:30h, we plan to do 2 rounds of "CP Freestyle", not included in the competition.

                                                                                             The following prizes are awarded:

     1st place: USD 1,500.00

     2nd place: USD 1,000.00

     3rd place: USD    500.00

         Pre-Organization of the Freestyle event:

     1. HoD or Team Managers, or Individuals without Officials must report  those who want to take part in the freestyle competition to Bjorn Korth by tomorrow, 30th November 2017, 08:00h via E-Mail


     2. On 30th November 2017, after completion of the competition at approx. 11:00h, Bjorn Korth will hold a meeting for all registered  Freestyle participants, which includes:

          - Exit order,

          - General briefing,

          - Safety briefing.

          Duration of the meeting approx. 30 - 45 minutes. Details will be announced in time.  

Have a restful afternoon , good luck and all the best for the competition tomorrow!