30 Nov 2017

Day 6 - 3rd Competition Day in Dubai

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Thursday, 30th November 2017

Dawn breaks over Dubai on a perfect morning - everyone arrived at the Drop Zone early.  Today is a public holiday in Dubai and there was no traffic on the way in this morning.  Perfect conditions awaited all the competitors as we started the first round of Zone Accuracy with the first lift at 7.30 am.  

Accuracy course

The Swedish competitor, Stefan Burström was setting up his own tracking camera system at the side of the pond.  He has a GPS device on his helmet which sends a signal to a gyro mounted device linked to his camera.  Thus he is able to film and track his flight from turn to landing.    I hope to obtain some footage for our Facebook and Youtube channels.  Meanwhile it was good to note Stefan scored 91 on his first jump putting him in  equal 5th place.  

Yesterday I wrote about the new records that had been set, but I missed those from the first day and the Speed competiion.  No new World Records but Cédric Veiga Rios broke his own European Continental Record with his run of 2.054 sec and Arthur Carneiro Lima broke Paulo Marques's South American Continental Record with a run of 2.363 sec.  CONGRATULATIONS.

StefanDeputy Meet  Director and Assistant Meet Director
Stefan BurstromAssistant Meet Director and Deputy Meet Director
Jasper Williams & Bjorn KorthCédric Veiga Rios
Jasper Williams(TCD) and Bjorn Korth(EJ)Cédric Veiga Rios (FRA) New World Record Holder

11.45am:   3 Rounds of Accuracy completed with one rejump left to do as soon as possible, following a cutaway.  The top three places in Accuracy were decided on the last round - with Cornelia Mihai dropping into 8th place from 1st after a disasterous (for her) third round jump.  Curt Bartholomew (USA) is first followed by Nicholas Batsch  (USA) and Mohammed Baker (UAE) in third place (subject always to final confirmation of the scores by the Chief Judge).   With one round of Max Distance to go tomorrow the Overall positions are Nicholas Bastch (1st), Curtis Bartholomew (2nd) and Mohammed Baker (UAE) third, with Cornelia Mihai (UAE) a close 4th.


Tentative Schedule Friday 01st  December 2017

Competition 4th and final day 9th FAI WC CP 2017


1. Departure buses/cars hotels - competition site:  
 1.1 From Hotel Ibis Style Dragon Mart:                         Departure:                 05:45h
 1.2 From Hotel Grand Excelsior, Al Barsha:                  Departure06:30h

Competition continues:           07:30h - 11:00h; planned event: 3 rd "Distance" 1 jump

2 rounds Free Style (up to 30 Nov 17, 14:30h, about 70 competitors were registered).

                                                 15 minutes call:07:05h
                                                  First take off07:30h
 Drop altitude: 5,500 feet AGL  
3.Lunch:                                      12:00h - 14:00h at the DZ, dining tent. 
4.Departure buses/cars competition site - hotels:13:00h 

Official Events:

    - Award ceremony,

     - Closing ceremony,

     - Gala dinner.

     Times: Starting at 18:00h at the competition site Marina, "Palm DZ".

Assembly of the Delegations: 17:30h in front of the Grandstand.

Departure buses/cars at the hotels to competition site: 16:30h

Departure buses/cars competition site - hotels: 21:30h and 22:30h.


Official team dress is required for the above mentioned ceremonies. 


Again many thanks for your cooperation. Have a restful afternoon , good luck and once more all the best for the final competition day tomorrow! 


There will be a Competitors' Meeting with the Canopy Piloting Committee members as soon as jumping ends.