30 Aug 2018

Day 6: Climax of the Competition!

Thursday 30 August 2018:  The Chief Judge Zeljko 'Zippo' Prajz enjoying an Usain moment!

Within a couple of hours of the siki load we had our new World Champion in Female Accuracy - Déborah Ferrand (FRA)!  At the pit you could cut the air with a knife as she made her final approach - the in an instant the crowd errupted into deafening applause as she scored 1cm - affirming her long-awaited title of World Champion. Over the 10 rounds she totalled 6cms, whereas in 2016 the then winning score was 10cms. It goes to show how more consistently precise the jumpers need to be to remain in contention.

Deborah Ferrand on Final Approach
Déborah Ferrand on her Final Approach
Deborah confirming her winning score
Confirming her Winning Score of 1cm