03 Nov 2017

Day One of Competition

Friday, 3rd November 2017

At 10.00 we were put on a weather hold because of the heavy black clouds in the sky - but by 11.15 these had cleared and the first Caravan load took off with 3 Acrobatic teams on board and 3 Performance fliers taking advantage of additional practice time.  On the ground the second competition load jumpers watch with interest to see how their competitors deal with the opening line and landing as the winds increased around us.   All land safely but we are now on another weather hold with winds gusting above the limits.  

The first three teams have been judged and all the acro flyers are in the hangar watching the big screen. 

It has been a day plagued by high winds but by the end of the day we have completed two rounds of Acrobatic Flying. 

If you visit our Facebook page you can watch some of the videos from the TV screen at this DZ .   More will be on the IPC YouTube pages tomorrow. Follow the menu heading above 'Results' to find the latest scores.