05 May 2015

Do you need a TUE?

The FAI is continuing its actions to keep air sports clean from doping.

In that frame, we are trying to inssure that all athletes participating in FAI sanctioned events (any event registered in the FAI Calendar) and who may therefore be subject to doping control must request a TUE before taking a prohibited medication.

But ... what is a TUE?

A TUE is a Therapeutic Use Exemption. As a competitor, you may have an illness or condition that requires a particular medication. But this medication might contain a substance which appears on the WADA Prohibited List. In that case, you may be granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) which gives you permission to take it. read more here.

IMPORTANT : TUE apply only for athletes. Athlete Support Personnel (ASP - parents, coaches, doctors, etc) cannot apply for a TUE for him/herself. However the ASP should have an acceptable justification for using a prohibited substance. The ASP may also be in possession of prohibited substances if it is consistent with a TUE granted to an Athlete, i.e. the Medical Doctor is carrying insulin for his athlete who has a TUE for it.  The reference to TUE may be a bit redundant but at the end of the day the ASP will need to prove why he/she is carrying a prohibited medication at some point. But it would be a TUE granted to the athlete.