17 Sep 2016

Eye in the Sky: Social media at the Gordon Bennett

Everyone seems to be filming, photographing or broadcasting on Facebook Live. The FAI Media Team explain where everything is being posted – and make a call for your aerial and competition files...

The 60th Coupe Aéronautique is being covered from all angles by the FAI, World Air Sports Federation, this year. They have a media team here for the duration of the race, and will be following it online throughout. 

Filming is also going on, with a dedicated crew interviewing pilots, team members, meteorologists, organisers and volunteers – all for a TV production to be released and distributed worldwide later in the year.

Check these social media channels to stay up to date throughout the race:











Photos on Flickr are high resolution and rights-free – they are free to use for the promotion of air sports by pilots, press, media, and supporters, online or in print. Sharing is the name of the game.

Share using the hashtags:



Send us your images

Finally, if you are a pilot or on a balloon team, please remember to film what you are up to in the sky or on the ground in the chase cars and share it with us after the race. (If you need a GoPro on loan, we have some to share and can show you how to use it – find us and ask). You can drop your data cards into the Race HQ in Gladbeck when you return (you’ll get them back!) or send large files via WeTransfer to communication@fai.org. Please remember to tell us what team the footage or files come from, and a little about what you are sending.

Thanks – from the FAI Media Team.

Photo: Roundthe-world-balloonist Brian Jones gets a grilling at the opening ceremony. Photo: FAI / Marcus King