12 Oct 2022

FAI Fly Clean webinar series starts next week

The FAI Fly Clean webinar series begins on 19 October 2022. These webinars are hosted by the FAI Anti-Doping Manager who will introduce and explain key points about anti-doping in air sports alongside guest speakers.

Three seminars will be held via Zoom and are open to anyone in the air sports community. The aim is for athletes, event organisers, team coaches, even family of junior competitors to find out more about the FAI Fly Clean programme and understand the rules, rights and responsibilities related to clean sport.

For event organisers and national aero clubs, these seminars will help to get to know the anti-doping rules and what actions are required for competitions. This will help to support athletes and provide a service which includes support, advice and education as well as correct procedures for in-competition testing and our-of-competition testing.

By participating in the webinars, individual athletes and their entourage will be able to discover the requirements of testing and learn about the importance of a commitment to fly clean, and how important it is for the future of their sport. Other topics such as the explanation of prohibited substances and Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) will be useful for individual cases.

Fly Clean Webinar Dates 2022

All webinars will be held online via Zoom.

Webinar 1 “Introduction to Fly Clean”
19 October 2022 at 13:00 (UTC)
Host: Kamila Vokoun Hajkova, FAI Anti-Doping Manager
Guest: Marja Osinga-Meek MD AME, FAI Medico-Physiological Commission (CIMP) President

Webinar 2 “Explanation of WADA Prohibited list and Testing Procedures”

16 November 2022 at 14:00 (UTC)
Host: Kamila Vokoun Hajkova, FAI Anti-Doping Manager
Guest: Jacques Berlo, FAI Rotorcraft Commission (CIG) President, FAI Vice-President, FAI Medico-Physiological Commission (CIMP) Vice-President 

Webinar 3 “TUE procedure and examples when TUE is needed”
14 December 2022 at 14:00 (UTC)
Host: Kamila Vokoun Hajkova, FAI Anti-Doping Manager
Guest: Geoffrey W. McCarthy MD MBA DipAvMed, FAI TUE Panel Chair

FAI and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

FAI became a WADA signatory in 2011. This implies commitments for in-competition testing, out of competition testing and education which are included within FAI’s Fly Clean Programme.

FAI’s anti-doping rules are based on the WADA template ‘Model Rules for International Federations’. Our compliance is audited annually and non-compliance has serious consequences.