2022 World Parachuting Championships

Eloy, Arizona,

09 Oct
26 Oct 2022
30 Sep 2022

FAI Judge Re-Evaluation in Canopy Formation

FAI Judge Re-Evaluation in Canopy Formation

If you have an FAI Judge rating in Canopy Formation and require a re-evaluation, you may do so at Skydive Arizona.  The re-evaluation will be held in conjunction with the upcoming World Parachuting Championships in Eloy, Arizona.    Tash Higman, Chief Judge of the 20th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships, will conduct the Re-Evaluation on October 17, 2022, the day after the Competition ends.   If you are interested in attending this event, contact the ISC Judges Committee at isc-judges@fai.org.   You will require your NAC's approval to participate.              (Photo courtesy of Max Holmes)

See attached for more information:  FAI CF Judge Re-Evaluation, Eloy, October 2022