29 Jun 2021

FAI launches new sporting licence database

To better serve licence holders, event organisers, officials and member organisations, a new sporting licence database has been created by the FAI.

The new database has been designed to align advanced security functions with new features such as multiple discipline options for licences, and an improved algorithm for the removal of duplicate entries. The system integrates these technical enhancements with the practical features required by users such as judges and event managers. 

One the most useful new features is that athletes will be able to add multiple disciplines to an individual licence, even with differing expiry dates and issuing organisations. This addition is very popular with those who participate in more than one sport, eg. glider pilots who are also involved in aeromodelling.

The new database will also improve efficiency at an administrative level, for event organisers, judges and official observers who need to verify athletes’ licences. FAI Members are able to upload licences directly into the new database and with algorithms to identify and remove duplicates, the new database is much more user-friendly for all licencees and air sports administrators.

Important information