03 Feb 2017

FAI names Noosphere Ventures as its new Global Technical Partner

The FAI is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with US asset management firm Noosphere Ventures.

FAI President Frits Brink and Secretary General Susanne Schödel signed the agreement, which names Noosphere as an FAI Global Technical Partner, in Dnipro, Ukraine, on Thursday 2 February 2017.

The first stage of the partnership will involve Noosphere developing a cutting edge competition and event management system to be used at the IWGA World Games in Wroclaw, Poland, in July 2017.

Air sports including parachuting canopy piloting, paramotors and glider aerobatics will be among the more than 30 sports represented at this thrilling, international event.

FAI President Frits Brink said: “I am very pleased to be able to announce this new technical partnership with Noosphere. The competition and event management system that Noosphere is developing for the FAI will enable us to manage competition data and results with even greater efficiency than ever before.”

Max Polyakov, Managing Partner at Noosphere Ventures, said: “Through our strategic partnership with FAI we are eager to bring the innovation revolution to the world of technical sports. Our first steps will focus on providing modern tracking solutions to air sports.”

“We believe that it takes team work to develop truly valuable products. Wikipedia, Uber, and Airbnb are only possible because of collaborative efforts and are now changing the landscape of the current digital economy. This is why Noosphere is creating special events with the FAI to engage with global communities of entrepreneurs and scientists.”

The performance of the system provided by Noosphere will be reviewed after the Games, with the intention of moving into the next phase of the partnership.

About Noosphere Ventures

Noosphere Ventures is an international asset management firm, with the strategic vision and capital to transform high-potential companies into definitive market leaders.

Headquartered in USA, Menlo Park, Noosphere has established a global community. The company has created a number of social initiatives, including educational events, conferences, workshops, competitions in technical sports, etc.

Photo caption left to right: Susanne Schödel (FAI Secretary General), Max Polyakov (Managing Partner at Noosphere Ventures), Frits Brink (FAI President) - credit: Noosphere