15 Mar 2007

FAI/CIAM Space Models World Cup Awards

This year's CIAM Plenary meeting begins on 23rd March 2007 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne (Switzerland). The Prizegiving Ceremony for Space Models WCup shall begin that day at 16.30 in the Auditorium of the Olympic Museum.. 

All 2006 Space Models WCup winners ( first three persons in classes S4A, S6A, S7, S8EP and S9A) are invited to come and to receive medals and diplomas from Mr Sandy Pimenoff, CIAM President

There shall be also announced results of the Space Models International Ranking (SMIR) and the World Spacemodeller of the Year 2006, based on seven best scores in at least two classes from all international events in 2006 (World SM Championships, WCups and OpInts). It is MALMYGA LESZEK (Poland). 

Congratulations to Leszek and all winners in SM international events.

I remind also award recepients of SM WCup awards to return the perpetual trophies to CIAM through their CIAM delegates because these trophies shall be presented to the winners for 2006.

Winners of the trophes (cups) for 2005 which shall be returned to CIAM now were:

S4A - Khokhlov Vladimir (Russia)
S6A - Mazzaracchio Antonio (Italy)
S7 - Sercaianu Lucian (Romania)
S8E/P - Studiker Daniel and
S9A - Stefan Timotijevic (Serbia).

I ask them to give the trophies to CIAM delegates of their countries to return them to CIAM. Many thanks.

Looking forward to see you in Lausanne at this ceremony.

Srdjan D. Pelagic, dipl.ing.
CIAM Space Models S/C Chairman