17 Nov 2017

Final Bits and Pieces

Before the 2nd FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Flying fades into the memory of those who took part I want to add some pictures and final notes to a fantastic event.

Record Breakers:         3 New World Records  -  16 New Continental Records

TypeTaskWingsuit FlyerRecord
World x 2Greatest Speed - FemaleAmber Forte, Norway274.0 km/h & 283.7 km/h
WorldGreatest Speed - GeneralTravis Mickle, USA325.4 km/h
North American x 2Greatest Speed - GeneralTravis Mickle, USA314.3 km/h & 325.4 km/h
North American x 2Greatest Speed - FemaleStacey Meisner, CAN249.8 km/h & 267.1 km/h
South AmericanGreatest DistanceMarcelo Zoni, BRA3.948 km
South American x 2Highest TimeMarcelo Zoni, BRA81.4 sec & 85.3 sec
European x 2Greatest Speed - FemaleAmber Forte, NOR274.0 km/h & 283.7 km/h
OceanicGreatest SpeedChris Byrnes, AUS314.6 km/h
Oceanic x 2Greatest DistanceLuke Rogers, AUS4.577 km & 4.654 km
AsiaGreatest Speed - GeneralRameshwer Jangra, IND275.4 km/h & 284.4 km/h
AsiaGreatest DistanceRameshwer Jangra, IND4.730 km
AsiaHighest TimeUdit Thapar, IND81.9 sec
Amber Forte NORTravis MickleStacey Meisner CAN
Amber Forte - NORTarvis Mickle - USAStacey Meisner - CAN
Marcelo ZoniChris Byrnes - AUSLuke Rogers
Marcello Zoni - BRAChris Byrnes - AUSLuke Rogers - AUS
Rameshwer Jangra - INDUdit Thapar - IND 
Rameshwer Jangra - INDUdit Thapar - IND 

During the Prizegiving not only were the top 3 Performance Wingsuit Flyers recognised and given medals, the top 10 Performance flyers received FAI Diplomas recognising their place in the competition final standings:

Kristian Szczepitko - USA 4thLuke Rogers - AUSEspen Fadnes - NOR
Kristian Szczepitko - USA 4thLuke Rogers - AUS 5thEspen Fadnes - NOR 6th
Anthony Zerbonia - NORChris Byrnes - AUSAndrei Iurosh - RUS
Anthony Zerbonia - USA - 7thChris Byrnes - AUS - 9thAndre Iurosh - RUS - 10th

*  8th placed Alessio Spina, ITA left before the prizegiving.

The Judges like to make their own award to those they feel have shown the greatest 'sportsmanship' throughout the competition:  In Performance Wingsuit Flying that Diploma went to Espen Fadnes and for the Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying team it was awarded to the USA's Tumbling Pigeons:

Judges' award - Tumbling Pigeons and Espen Fadnes

Finally at the very start of the prizegiving Randy Connell presented his successful students who had all passed their Wingsuit Flying Judges' Course: 

Vera Asquith - CANNeil Fergie - AUSBert Ham - NED
Vera Asquith - CANNeil Fergie - AUSBert Ham - NED
Alexandra Hubbard - USASteve HubbardUlla Maersk DAN
Alexandria Hubbard - USASteve Hubbard - USAUlla Maersk - DEN
Mike Pennock  
Michael Pennock - NED  

Congratulations to everyone !

The Final Jury Report Final Jury Report WCWF 2017

And finally the flikr pictures from the Prizegiving - thanks to Sammy Vassilev of Skydive Fyrosity and this link to pictures of the whole event

See you all next year in Prostejov, Czech Republic 26-31 August 2018 for the 2nd FAI World Championships in Wingsuit Flying.