2nd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying


02 Nov
08 Nov 2017
17 Nov 2017

Final Bits and Pieces

Before the 2nd FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Flying fades into the memory of those who took part I want to add some pictures and final notes to a fantastic event.

Record Breakers:         3 New World Records  -  16 New Continental Records

TypeTaskWingsuit FlyerRecord
World x 2Greatest Speed - FemaleAmber Forte, Norway274.0 km/h & 283.7 km/h
WorldGreatest Speed - GeneralTravis Mickle, USA325.4 km/h
North American x 2Greatest Speed - GeneralTravis Mickle, USA314.3 km/h & 325.4 km/h
North American x 2Greatest Speed - FemaleStacey Meisner, CAN249.8 km/h & 267.1 km/h
South AmericanGreatest DistanceMarcelo Zoni, BRA3.948 km
South American x 2Highest TimeMarcelo Zoni, BRA81.4 sec & 85.3 sec
European x 2Greatest Speed - FemaleAmber Forte, NOR274.0 km/h & 283.7 km/h
OceanicGreatest SpeedChris Byrnes, AUS314.6 km/h
Oceanic x 2Greatest DistanceLuke Rogers, AUS4.577 km & 4.654 km
AsiaGreatest Speed - GeneralRameshwer Jangra, IND275.4 km/h & 284.4 km/h
AsiaGreatest DistanceRameshwer Jangra, IND4.730 km
AsiaHighest TimeUdit Thapar, IND81.9 sec
Amber Forte NORTravis MickleStacey Meisner CAN
Amber Forte - NORTarvis Mickle - USAStacey Meisner - CAN
Marcelo ZoniChris Byrnes - AUSLuke Rogers
Marcello Zoni - BRAChris Byrnes - AUSLuke Rogers - AUS
Rameshwer Jangra - INDUdit Thapar - IND 
Rameshwer Jangra - INDUdit Thapar - IND 

During the Prizegiving not only were the top 3 Performance Wingsuit Flyers recognised and given medals, the top 10 Performance flyers received FAI Diplomas recognising their place in the competition final standings:

Kristian Szczepitko - USA 4thLuke Rogers - AUSEspen Fadnes - NOR
Kristian Szczepitko - USA 4thLuke Rogers - AUS 5thEspen Fadnes - NOR 6th
Anthony Zerbonia - NORChris Byrnes - AUSAndrei Iurosh - RUS
Anthony Zerbonia - USA - 7thChris Byrnes - AUS - 9thAndre Iurosh - RUS - 10th

*  8th placed Alessio Spina, ITA left before the prizegiving.

The Judges like to make their own award to those they feel have shown the greatest 'sportsmanship' throughout the competition:  In Performance Wingsuit Flying that Diploma went to Espen Fadnes and for the Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying team it was awarded to the USA's Tumbling Pigeons:

Judges' award - Tumbling Pigeons and Espen Fadnes

Finally at the very start of the prizegiving Randy Connell presented his successful students who had all passed their Wingsuit Flying Judges' Course: 

Vera Asquith - CANNeil Fergie - AUSBert Ham - NED
Vera Asquith - CANNeil Fergie - AUSBert Ham - NED
Alexandra Hubbard - USASteve HubbardUlla Maersk DAN
Alexandria Hubbard - USASteve Hubbard - USAUlla Maersk - DEN
Mike Pennock  
Michael Pennock - NED  

Congratulations to everyone !

The Final Jury Report Final Jury Report WCWF 2017

And finally the flikr pictures from the Prizegiving - thanks to Sammy Vassilev of Skydive Fyrosity and this link to pictures of the whole event

See you all next year in Prostejov, Czech Republic 26-31 August 2018 for the 2nd FAI World Championships in Wingsuit Flying.