27 Aug 2015

The First World Championship in the 13.5 Metre Class

The first World Gliding Championship in the 13.5 Metre Class took place at Pociunai, Lithuania 1-16 August 2015. The competition was held in combination with the Lithuanian Club Class/Mix Class Nationals. The combined event served as a practice event for next year’s 34th World Gliding Championships in the Club, Standard, and 20 meter Multi-seat Classes.

Twelve pilots from seven nations competed in the WGC. The mix of gliders was interesting and included several new types. There were seven microlight motorgliders and five pure sailplanes, including one ultralight and one homebuilt. The prototype of another factory produced type was not quite ready in time for the competition.

The Lithuanian Aero Club and the Gliding Club of Kaunas did an outstanding job of organising the competition, and the weather was excellent throughout the event.

After 12 days of racing the winner was Stefano Ghiorzo of Italy, who was declared the first World Champion in this class, and consequently the first recipient of the “Leonardo Brigliadori Challenge Cup,” the new 13.5 Meter Class Trophy. Sharing the podium with Stefano were Vladas Motuza (Lithuania) in second place and François Pin (USA), third.

The next World Championship in this class will be in Leszno, Poland in July 2017.