01 Dec 2018


The French Parachuting Federation (FFP) is striving to have Indoor Skydiving included in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, with the support of FAI.

David Roth, President of the French Parachuting Federation, stated:

For all skydivers in France and elsewhere in the world, it has been a decades long ambition to enter the Olympic family. United and mobilised behind this unique opportunity for our sport, our skydivers, our star athletes and our hard-working volunteers will put all their energy and commitment to make this dream happen.

The French Parachuting Federation athletes already enhance the reputation of France throughout the year by their participation in international competitions so it only logi-cal for them to support the Federation in this quest for Olympic recognition through Indoor Skydiving which being an innovative technology can also be a motor for econo-mic development across the land.

2024, 230 years after the first parachute jump, will be an especially symbolic year and the long history of Paris and parachuting will be glorified when it becomes an Olympic sport.

The engagement of the French Parachute Federation beside #Paris2024 fits perfectly with its sporting ambitions, acknowledgement of excellence and the mobilisation of its members.

It is extremely exciting to support this Olympic application challenge and everyone is welcome to join us. This dream will only become reality with the full mobilisation and support of the world-wide skydiving community.

Together let us add to the history of parachuting and enable it to enter into the Pantheon of Sport.