21 Aug 2023

Golds for France’s Gallet brothers at the 2023 FAI F5J World Championships for Electric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders

Two brothers have both gained a gold for France at the 2023 FAI F5J World Championships for Electric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders. Adrien Gallet and his younger brother Romain (top picture) each go back to France from Bulgaria with a champion title. Their teammate Marie Ange Groz was also the top female pilot.

New Zealand emerged as the leading nation in the senior rankings, with Croatia and Slovakia following behind. In the junior category, Germany secured the top spot, while France achieved second place and Czech Republic third. Anne Janzer from Germany claimed victory in the female junior rankings.

F5J aeromodelling 2023 Bulgaria
L-R: Lukas DIETRICH (GER), Adrien GALLET (FRA), Andrew MEYER (AUS)

In another noteworthy performance, Germany’s Lukas Dietrich proudly stepped up to the podium twice, for both the junior and the senior medal ceremonies, having flown 14 rounds for seniors and 12 for juniors with eight finals, showing remarkable determination and focus. His teammate Anne Janzer also competed in both contests, gaining top female placing in the junior category.

Podium junior winners F5J 2023 Bulgaria aeromodelling
From L-R: Jaroslav VOSTREL (CZE), Romain GALLET (FRA), Lukas DIETRICH (GER)

This was the second World Championships for this particular class of aeromodelling: the first was organised in Trnava, Slovakia in 2019 and then due to the COVID pandemic a delay of 4 years occurred. A total of 88 seniors competitors, with 26 participated in the junior category, with a number of female competitors. All were hoping to become the holders of the new perpetual trophies. 

F5J aeromodelling trophies
The trophies

FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) President and Jury Member Antonis Papadopoulos said:

“These FAI F5J World Championships were very well organised. CIAM would like to thank the organising team from Bulgarian Aeromodelling Federation and the Dupnitsa Authorities for their tremendous effort to prepare and run the event, and of course, for their hospitality. Congratulations to all the winners and all those who participated.”


Senior - Overall

  1. Adrian Gallet (FRA)
  2. Lukas Dietrich (GER)
  3. Andrew Meyer (AUS)

Senior - Female

  1. Marie-Ange Groz (FRA)
  2. Anne Janzer (GER)
  3. Jana Sterbova (CZE)

Senior - Team

  1. New Zealand
  2. Croatia
  3. Slovakia

Junior - Overall

  1. Romain Gallet (FRA)
  2. Jaroslav Vostrel (CZE)
  3. Lukas Dietrich (GER)

Junior - Female

  1. Anne Janzer (GER)
  2. Anna Schutz (GER)
  3. Milena Merazchieva (BUL)

Junior - Team

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Czech Republic

Analytical results can be found on the GliderScore site (by Gerry Carter):

The next F5J World Championships are scheduled for 2025 in Argentina.

2023 FAI F5J World Championships for Electric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders​​​​​​​

Images: Antonis Papadopoulos