08 Oct 2018

The Gold Coast is all go on Day 2

The 30-Way jumpers on the tailgate of the C17 Globemaster   Photo credit: Steve Fitchett

Monday 8th October 2018: With a brilliant start to the Meet yesterday, the CF jumpers kick off today's jumping with 4-Way Rotations, soon to be followed by FS 4-Way.

With 4 complete rounds of FS 4-Way under their belt it's no surprise to see the dualling giants of Belgium and USA vying for the top position. The USA's 5 busts on their first jump of the competition have not dented their resolve, with the subsequent rounds matching the Belgium team point for point. Both France and Qatar are holding their positions with everything to play for. Remember we have LIVE Results here, so keep up to speed with the scores and placings as needed.

The early afternoon was disrupted by a storm warning which also saw the relinquishing of allocated airspace, bringing proceedings to a halt. In the meantime it was estabished that one of Australia's Speed Skydivers - Shane Turner - had set a New Australian Record and a New Asiania Record of 510,93 kmph in Round 3! Congratulations Shane!