22 Jun 2018

Helicopter World Cup 2018: Poland and Russia announced as 2nd stage leaders

The 2nd stage of the Helicopter World Cup 2018 saw crews compete in Fender and Slalom races at Wycombe Air Park, Marlow on 14-16 June; a highlight of the Heli UK Expo 2018.

Visitors to the at the airfield watched the competition unfold as 14 crews from 4 countries – Germany, Poland, Russia and UK – competed against one another in the two classes of General and Masters.

The leaders after two stages (counting the sum of 2 results in 2 disciplines in both stages) are:

  • GENERAL class: Szamborski Marcin - Szamborski Michal (POL)
  • MASTERS class: Yablokov Yury - Podoinitsyn Konstantin (RUS)

There are two further stages of the Helicopter World Cup, with the next event in Przylep, Poland on 27-30 June and the final stage in Minsk, Belarus on 26-29 July.

Irina Grushina, 1st Vice-President of the FAI Rotorcraft Commission and Chief Scorer commented: "We very much hope to meet our friends - crews from Austria, Switzerland, Norway, China, Japan, France, Belgium, Czech, Italy, Canada - in Poland and Belarus HWC stages. Join the Helicopter World Cup, you will enjoy it!"

Participants from all four participating countries won medals in the General class: 

Poland (POL) - 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
Great Britain  (GBR) - 1 silver
Germany (GER) - 1 bronze

The Heli UK Expo Challenge Cup also took place during the 3-day event, with the winning team named as Eigner Martin - Schauff Michael (GER).

Results of the 2nd stage of the Helicopter World Cup

The detailed results can be found at the bottom of the page, in the Documents section.


General class:

  1. Szamborski Marcin - Szamborski Michal (POL)
  2. Rimmer Stuart - Rimmer Chris (GBR)
  3. Mus Maria - Malec Jacub (POL)

Masters class:

  1. Sotnikov Maxim - Aleh Puajukas (RUS)
  2. Yablokov Yury - Podoinitsyn Konstantin (RUS)
  3. Elena Zhuperina - Nikolay Rodionov (RUS)


General class:

  1. Szamborski Marcin - Szamborski Michal (POL)
  2. Mus Maria - Malec Jacub (POL)
  3. Eigner Martin - Schauff Michael (GER)

Masters class:

  1. Yablokov Yury - Podoinitsyn Konstantin (RUS)
  2. Sotnikov Maxim - Aleh Puajukas (RUS)
  3. Alexandr Zhuperin - Nikolai Burov (RUS)

In total ranking in the 2nd stage (sum of Slalom and Fender):

GENERAL class:

  1. Szamborski Marcin - Szamborski Michal (POL)
  2. Mus Maria - Malec Jacub (POL)
  3. Eigner Martin - Schauff Michael (GER)

MASTERS class:

1-2 place - Yablokov Yury - Podoinitsyn Konstantin (RUS)
1-2 place - Sotnikov Maxim - Aleh Puajukas (RUS)
3 place - Elena Zhuperina - Nikolay Rodionov (RUS)



  • 53rd Russian Open Helicopter Championship - World Cup 2018, 1st Stage - Konakova, RUS, 16-20 May 2018
  • 2018 Heli UK Expo Cup (Forming a leg in the World Helicopter Races Cup 2018) - Wycombe Air Park, GBR, 14-16 June 2018
  • 2018 Helicopter World Cup Stage 3 Poland - Pryzlet, POL, 27-30 June 2018
  • 4th stage of Helicopter World Cup - Minsk, BLR, 26-29 July 2018

Image credit: Brenda Nicoll