13 Aug 2023

HG Worlds 2023 in person

The team working at the HG Worlds 2023 in North Macedonia is very experienced and has manages a lot of successful competitions. Here they are in person.

Meet Director Goran Dimiskovski


Safety Director Martin Jovanoski


Event Director Ivan Lukanov


Scorer Cristiano Pereira


FAI CIVL Steward Jamie Shelden


FAI CIVL Jury President Andrew Cowley


FAI CIVL Jury Trudy Craddock


FAI CIVL Jury Bill Hughes


HQ Manager and Livetracking Elena Chakalar


HG assistant and Livetracking Emilia Hasanu


Launch Marshal Vladimir Barakovski


Launch Marshall Kainz Hannes


Launch Marshall Darko Stoichev



Goal Marshall Dancho 


Livetracking, and CIVL Media report Elena Filonova