01 Dec 2023

IBD 2023 - 09, USA Bid Approved

2024 FAI FS, AE, WS, SP World Championships

On October 10th of this year, the ISC Bureau, in agreement with the organiser, issued IBD 2023-05 with the decision to cancel the World Championships of FS, AE, WS and SP which were to be held in Bar Yehuda, Israel.    Other potential organisers were given until November 15th to submit a Bid for these Championships.   

By that date, a Bid was received from the USA to host all four events.   On November 30th, the ISC Bureau, with the support of the four Competition Committees concerned, issued IBD 2023-09 to accept the USA Bid.  

The Competition will be hosted at the Crystal Coast Skydiving Drop Zone in North Carolina from October 4th to 12th, 2024 and will be jointly run by Skydive Chicago and Skydive Paraclete XP.

The IBD can be found here:   IBD 2023-09, USA Bid Approval