02 May 2022

IBDs 2022 - 04 & 05, Entry Fee Increases


As the world slowly recovers from a devastating Pandemic and the resulting strain on the Economy, the invasion of Ukraine has exacerbated inflation with a steep increase in costs, especially energy.  Fuel prices are surging, as are electricity, housing, food and services.

This has resulted in Organizers of upcoming Events reviewing the Fees in the Bids that were submitted, and approved, prior to the upsurge of worldwide cost increases.

The Hosts of the 2022 World Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships in Czech Republic and the 2023 World Indoor Skydiving Championships in Slovakia have requested an increase in Entry Fees to their upcoming Events.

After much consultation and consideration, the ISC Bureau has agreed to accept their requests.

To view the IBD's, please visit the ISC Website.     http://fai.org/isc-documents