15 Nov 2023

Intention to let Sports' Paragliders have their own Ranking and Championship

CIVL is excited to announce our intention to create a new Sports Class Ranking for Paragliding as well as the 1st FAI Paragliding XC Sports Class World Championship, tentatively planned for 2025. The new Sports Class WPRS Ranking will be similar to the existing “Open” WPRS ranking. Pilots will accumulate points for the Sports Class WPRS when flying wings rated EN-C or lower in Category 2 competitions.

Additional details of the new ranking and competition format, including initial selection criteria and special rules for Sports Class Category 1 events, will be worked on over the coming months and voted at the upcoming CIVL Plenary.

Formal approval of this new event and ranking system is required at the upcoming CIVL plenary meeting in February. But, rather than delay bidding and acceptance of the first Category 1 event for another year if the proposals are approved, bids are now being accepted to host the first Sports Class World Championship (including a test event). Because this will be the first PG Sports Class Category 1 event, CIVL will be more closely involved in both the planning and execution of the event, including selecting the Meet Director, Scorekeeper, and Retrieve Coordinator, as well as creation of the local regulations. Bids are due by Jan 30th, 2024. Contact us at civl_comps@fai.org for more information or to submit a bid.