01 Feb 2011

International insurance offer to organisers

Austrian flying school, Flugschulen-Koessen, is offering insurance services to hang gliding and paragliding competition pilots and competition organisers throughout the EU and Switzerland. The AXA Insurance Agency for Air Sports in Koessen, Austria, can provide third party liability and personal accident insurance for pilots resident in the EU and Switzerland, covering them in FAI sanctioned competitions world-wide, excepting the USA. For pilots resident elsewhere, the company offers third party liability insurance worldwide (except USA) and emergency rescue insurance while flying in the EU or Switzerland. According to Sepp Himberger, the specialised airsports insurance service has been extended to meet growing demand by international pilots who cannot easily find sufficient insurance cover to travel throughout Europe and particularly, to participate in FAI sanctioned competitions. "We believe competition organisers throughout Europe may especially interested in our services. There is an increased emphasis on safety, and organisers are setting higher levels of mandatory minimum insurance for pilots. Selling appropriate insurance policies is beyond the remit of many competition organisers, yet they don’t want to deter potential competitors." Himberger gave as a recent example, the FAI European Paragliding Championships last year in Abtenau, Austria, where his company provided insurance for around 50 pilots who are normally resident outside the EU and Switzerland. For more information about the insurance offerings (in English and German): www.flugschulen.at/axa or contact: axa@fly-koessen.at AXA Insurance is a primary sponsor of the "Super Paragliding Testival" from 2nd to 5th June, 2011 (alternate date: 11- June 13, 2011) in Kössen, Austria. The event is supported by leading suppliers of paragliders, harnesses and other flying equipment. Gliders will be available for test flying. For more information, visit www.fly-koessen.at/spt