02 Feb 2021

Leonardo da Vinci Diploma awarded to Rina Gallo

At this year’s ISC Plenary, Rina Gallo, ISC Delegate for Canada and FAI Judge, has been awarded the Leonardo da Vinci Diploma for her many years of service to the National and International Skydiving Community.   Nominated by the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, Rina is a member of both the National Competition Committee and National Judging Committee.  Internationally she is on the ISC Bureau as Vice President, is Chair of the CF Committee and is a member of the ISC Judge’s Committee.   Rina has attended 43 ISC and other International Competitions, which included positions as Judge, Event Judge, Chief Judge, Chief of Judge Training, Jury member and FAI Controller.   Her passion for the sport is evident in the time, energy and enthusiasm she brings to it.   This award is well deserved, Congratulations Rina!